Change Your Life When You Buy Handmade Art

The power and energy of art have inspired countless people over the millennia, from cave paintings to sand drawings to cubism. In fact, art has power; it is both revered and feared. Take, for example, the reverence of people from all over the world traveling to see the Venus de Milo, now at the Louvre in Paris, but formerly on the Greek Island of Milos.

For an example of fear, look to Michelangelo's Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel, which Pope Daniele de Volterra and other church leaders called immoral. Whatever your opinion may be, it is a truth that art possesses the power to inspire both those who are or want to be artists and those who have the soul of an artist. These emotions can be found in a variety of art pieces, including selections you purchase when you buy handmade art.

The Power of Art

Art of all types and in all places carries a message and meaning that is unique to each individual. What some call modern art is not even considered art by others, while others are in love with impressionist paintings. It’s a very personal thing that no one can dictate. Who knows how many people have looked at famous works of art and pursued careers of their own or even doodled for their own pleasure? At the same time, who can describe the impact made on one’s mind and soul during a visit to a big city art museum with a chance to gaze upon the classics?

However, art is not so far away from any place or any time as even works in a local museum or art shop can speak its truth to the beholders. It could be something as simple as environmental art in the lobby of a library or a piece at an outdoor festival that calls to your heart. When art makes you happy, brings you to tears, causes fear, or motivates action, you are experiencing its power, whether it hangs in the Louvre or an online gallery that calls you to buy handmade art and keep it for your own.

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